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Content Creation Case Study: AG Sports

When it comes to content creation we think audiences reward a fresh approach. A good example of this would be our work for AG Sports. Over the last few years, we’ve worked with AG Sports to bring original and eye-catching content to a competitive marketplace. In the sportswear industry, there are plenty of companies using a conventional approach to promotion. Aaron was keen to use a different visual style than his competitors. This meant we could think outside of the box when it came to Photography & Video. Obviously, we still put products at the centre of the content but used new ideas to show them off in a more eye-catching way. 

Pat of our content creation for AG sports

In the beginning

Aaron reached out to us after seeing some of our content online. Fiachra had been posting Instagram reels and videos full of quick cuts and the beauty of the Connemara coastline. Previous similar posts always gained good traction online. We’re definitely big fans of making this type of content, so to use it for clients was a privilege. 


The first project involved some promo videos and logo animation clips. The logo animation was done using Adobe After Effects. We find animation really makes ‘simple’ things stand out better on social media and websites. When it comes to content creation, the more video and motion you can include, the more enticing it is for customers. 


The promo video offered a different take on showcasing sports and hurling gear. We used landscape shots and silhouettes to catch the viewer’s attention. The video used lots of drone footage and quick cuts to impress. Instagram and Tik Tok are obviously super competitive for any brand so by using interesting visuals we hoped to keep the audience tuned in. The overall goal was then to direct users to the AG Sports shop.

Content Creation- Tik Tok

A lot of our content creation work for AG Sports revolves around Tik Tok trends. Our process is simple, find a song that’s trending then cut the videos to the beat of the music. For example, to show off new lines we might have the model change clothes on each beat of the track. By using the trending music on Tik Tok we’re able to spread the content much further than if just posting footage. 

Keeping the user’s attention is also so important. Like with the promo video, we use different visual styles to make clips stand out.


Crucial to any sportswear brand is showing off the actual gear. We do regular photoshoots with AG Sports to keep the imagery fresh. Most of these involve around showcasing the sports gear in action. Putting the product front and centre is key to pushing potential customers to buy. 


As well as the photos we also provide the captions for Instagram. Once we have the audience’s attention through the image/video, we can get the message across through a good caption. We use best practices to develop fun, informative messages. Our experience handling multiple social media accounts also means we can advise the best times of the week to post. All of these Photography & Video services fall under our content creation package.

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