How much does it cost to redesign a website?

Love your website but think it’s flat or outdated? Been thinking you could benefit from a redesign? After a while, it can feel necessary to update your website once it seems stale. There are many factors that go into redesigning a website, so it’s important to think about your needs and vision before you make any decisions. Of course, high on the list of factors is cost. If you’re able to redevelop the site yourself it’ll be a lot cheaper, but if you want to go for a professionally designed site with all the perks there are many things to consider before green-lighting the project.

What's involved when we want to rebuild a website?

Factors that affect your redesign project

To help frame the project better, the starting point might be to ask yourself before starting down “just how much redesign does my site need?” If the answer is “a lot,” it might be simpler and more cost-effective to start over from square one. If the answer is “some,” then stick with the redesign route. You can embark on fairly simple redecoration, go for a complete reconstruction, or decide on something in between. Knowing what you want to accomplish will help you gauge the cost.

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What are the key website redesign services?


Redecoration is by far the least expensive option. The lower price range comes from a minor scope of work, which can usually involve changes in the style and the layout. Reasons for this type of project could be a change in your brand colours, adding more images, or including new sliders, videos, or carousels. Because the changes will be superficial, it’s unlikely to improve visitors or conversions.



Re-wiring usually means updating and improving back-end infrastructure and improving the performance of your website. This can mean changing your Content Management System or migrating to the Cloud. Chief benefits would be a faster loading speed, more accessibility and to ensure a higher level of security. The cost of a website redesign with this approach will definitely be higher than redecoration. The price tag comes from expenses on additional subscriptions, plugins, UX design services, migration plans, and the work of proficient tech experts.



Remodeling combines the powers of redecoration and rewiring. With better visuals and performance the overall experience will be improved for users. It should also include more functionality. Expect higher website update costs and additional development time, but significantly more business value as well. Added costs come from the extra individuals involved in the process. The team might include at least a web designer, a Back-end developer, and a tech expert.



Your website will be recreated from the ground up so as you can imagine the cost is extensive. The vision and the spirit is there, but the build is entirely different. Website design cost estimates here will be as high as building a new one. In truth, you are building a new website, based on lessons learned from the existing one. Design, Content Management System, servers, code, and databases will be replaced.

What are your options to redesign your website?

Do it yourself

If you decide to do it all on your own, you are investing more of your time but less of your money. You need to ask yourself if you have the skills and experience to redesign your site independently. If you don’t already have that skill set, you need to think seriously about if you want to invest the time and energy into learning about the tools and the skills you’ll need for the redesign.Also, you need to be confident in improving the existing site, as any loss in quality will be noticed by your users.

On average, redesigning a website on your own can cost between €0 and €300 (psst have a look at these free web builders for more info on the best tool to pick).

Find a Freelancer

You can free up some of your time by going with a freelancer. The cost for one is somewhere between doing it yourself and a web agency. There are some drawbacks to working with freelancers: you can’t be certain that they are reliable, they might not specialize in your industry, and redesigning an entire website might be too much work for one freelancer to accomplish in a timely manner.

However, they offer a wide range of prices, might have industry knowledge, and are typically very communicative. Many prioritize meeting your needs and realizing your vision.

When you hire a freelancer to redesign your website, you could be investing anywhere from €500 to €5,000. This depends on the freelancer’s hourly rate (or if they charge a rate for each webpage) and how much work your website needs.


Redesigning with a web design agency.

The third option is to work with a web design agency like Lux Web Design. We offer many of the same benefits as freelancers and are experts who can advise you on a number of different choices you’ll need to make. This includes  analyzing your competition, programming, content creation, and optimization.

Web design agencies can point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best website hosting option. Then, they can monitor the service you receive from your hosting provider and offer suggestions.

Working with a web design agency liek Lux can cost anywhere from €800 to €5,000.



The main factors that impact website redesign cost


Of course the size of the website influences the price. How many pages do you plan to have on your website? What is the estimated size of those pages? Do you have content for all your planned pages ready, or will you need to create content and/or have someone create it for you? More pages require more tweaks and modifications, which will result in a higher final price tag.



While the amount of content adds complexity by itself, there are far more other elements that should be considered as well. Do you need a booking form? Maybe an online community? An average cost to redesign a website is influenced by a sum of many factors, including the number of features, number of integrations, diversity and quality of content, responsiveness of the design, marketing expenses, database use, and implementing a content management system (CMS).

Functionality often requires platform-specific elements, so it can’t be calculated effectively without knowing the exact platform: WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Weebly, or any other. 



Design also plays a significant role when calculating price. Are stock images good enough, or do you want custom-created, sophisticated illustrations and infographics on your pages? Are you planning to implement animations or videos on your site?

The more complex the design, the more costs typically increase along with the possibility your site loading speed could be adversely affected. Mitigation techniques can be applied to your code and server environment to increase page load speed, but these changes often require additional time and effort.

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