Do I Need a Web Designer (2022)?

Do I Need a Web Designer (2022)?

It’s probably the first question you should ask yourself. Do I need a web designer? The answer depends on your project. If you’re creating a site for a personal blog or hobby then you should definitely go for it! Designing a website can be a very enjoyable experience and leave you feeling proud for days. However, if you’re building a site for your business you might need to research the process more. About 87% of consumers start their product searches on digital channels, having an effective website has become something of essential for businesses. If you have a design background then, by all means, go for it. But if your plan is to generate sales or conversions and you’re inexperienced in design, it might be time to look into hiring a professional.

To get a real professional website you might Need a Web Designer

Why might I need a web designer?

We all want to be sure that our sites create the best first impression possible – especially since data has shown that a huge 75% of your online presence’s credibility comes from the quality of its web design. This increase in credibility means more sales or CTAs being answered. So, if it’s the credibility you’re after, hiring a web designer makes 100% of sense (if your budget allows). Other factors include time (you’re willing to wait at least a few weeks for the final product) and competency (you don’t want to deal with any design or technical aspects yourself).

Some Reasons You Need A Web Designer

To create a high-quality site

Having a website couldn’t be easier – technology has got to the point it’s simple. Various platforms provide very economical templates. However, relying on these cookie-cutter tools will ultimately result in a site that’s boring. They can make you seem generic and fail to make you stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, professional web designers can create a customised site that sets you apart from competitors. They can install all the unique features you need to successfully operate your business online. They can follow all the best practices to boost your online credibility and thus conversions! And because you’re working with a pro, you can rest assured that all of the shiny new features they formulate will be fit for purpose and align awesomely with your business plans and brand persona.

If you need a custom coded website you will Need a Web Designer

Web designers will create a professional-looking site

First impressions count. We all know this! And when it comes to the online world, your website is the place where many consumers will form their first impression of your brand. So, if users have a positive experience on your site, they’ll more than likely attribute that to your business. Happy customers are sure to return.

Employing the services of an experienced web designer means that the end product is a beautiful website which captivates visitors the moment they land on your site and leaves a lasting positive impression.

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A web designer will strengthen your online strategy

Web designers like to take the time to really get to know your business – its goals, values, and target audience. This allows them to lay a solid foundation for your online business for years after the project is done.

In this way, a web designer has the power to significantly strengthen your online strategy by creating a powerful customer-grabbing website that’s perfectly moulded around your brand and complements your other marketing strategies.

Create a first-class user experience

Speaking of user experience, UX is a term being used more and more in the business world. Why’s that? Businesses have been won over to the idea that a positive experience for customers sticks long in the mind after the initial sale.

And one of the most important parts of UX is your page loading speed. Research by Google found that as a page load time goes from one to ten seconds, the probability of a mobile user bouncing (leaving your site) increases by 123%. To ensure that customers stick around, it’s therefore essential that your web pages take no more than a few seconds to load.

And further, a pro web designer will be able to build you a site with an intuitive user interface and plugins which provide increased speed and security for your site. When these factors combine, you’ve got an online business engine that loads quickly and grips visitors long enough for them to follow your CTAs (calls-to-action) and converts them to paying customers.

A web designer will communicate your brand message

In order to attract the right visitors, it’s important that your website conveys your business message in a clear, consistent and compelling manner. With so many factors involved in web design, this is no easy feat, no matter how well you know your brand.

But professional web designers are experienced in building brand identity and will have no problem designing you a website where everything from the font to the colour scheme and logo is on brand and aligns with and brilliantly backs up your business values.

Optimise your site!

These days, phones are king. A large number of web users come from smartphones and tablets. In the third quarter of 2019 51.51% of worldwide website traffic came from mobile devices. It’s therefore essential that your website is mobile friendly, otherwise, you might miss out on a lot of business.

But a web designer will go beyond merely scaling down your site to fit a smaller screen. They’ll use responsive web design techniques which modify the entire layout of a page to ensure an optimum viewing experience across all devices. 

A web designer will be an expert partner

The best web designer acts as a trusted partner that consults you transparently at every stage of the project. This is so that the end project meets your expectations.

Joining forces with an expert partner offers a fresh perspective and they can suggest innovative solutions that offer you entirely new perspectives on your business. The business-web designer relationship is therefore a powerful partnership which, as an unexpected bonus, can sometimes involve aspects of business mentorship.

Saves you time!

Time is money in business and SMEs know this better than anyone. Hiring a web designer will save you bucket loads of time because they’ll shoulder the responsibility for your web design project. This means you can focus on the actual day-to-day running of your business.

Since web designers know the creation process like the back of their hand, they rapidly find the most effective and efficient ways of building a website and are adept at applying their skillset, intuition and creativity to your project.

They’ll help you find quick solutions

If, by some miracle, you’re a web design novice who’s able to create a fantastic site and optimise it to compete online, you’ll likely still get tripped up by maintenance issues along the way.

However, if you work with a web designer, they’ll be on hand to deal with any problems and make the necessary tweaks to get your project swiftly back on track.

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