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Case Study - Social Media Marketing - Handsome Burger

In this week’s case study we’re looking at our Social Media Marketing and Content Creation for Handsome Burger. Combined with web and graphic design, social media marketing is essential to growing the brand identity of any company.

Businesses should be easy to reach and active online. This means regularly updating and interacting with loyal customers. The best way to do this is to schedule content 3 to 5 times a week and be ready to respond to your customers when they reach out to you. This was key to our strategy when handling the HB socials! In this case study, we detail how we helped grow Handsome Burger’s audience over the last year.

Social Media Marketing

Managing socials is hard especially when you’re a growing business. Most owners and managers just don’t have the time to spend on social media. With socials, we don’t want to be rushing posts that end up looking unprofessional. This means we ideally want to plan content in advance and follow through on a schedule.

For Handsome Burger, we have been creating content, posting updates and growing engagement since 2021. The quality of the product means we like to keep the spotlight on the amazing food offered in the restaurant. Targeted campaigns around features like delivery or special events keep the feed diverse. We also promote user-generated content by sharing tagged content and locations.

All Social Media Marketing projects are ongoing so we constantly analyse results and adjust our strategy to keep on track. At Lux, we believe in transparency, so can offer live analytics and monthly reports. An important part of SMM is setting goals and KPIs. This can mean increasing brand awareness, generating sales or driving users to your site. For Handsome Burger, we kept all goals in mind but made sales the top priority.


When it comes to making content that captures attention, we’ve found photos and videos are the best way to show off Handsome Burger’s wide array of food & drink. So we’ve created loads of photos and videos to show off their amazing offerings. Most of this ends up on the company socials. Promoting the food and atmosphere of the restaurants is key to pushing their brand and bringing sales in.

Creating videos that engage your audience is crucial so we aim to entertain. Quick cuts and suitable music make each production enjoyable. If you look at Handsome Burger’s current social media we have made a range of videos to help keep their audience engaged and their mouths watering!

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