Tourism Web Design

Case Study - Tourism Web Design - Ireland Private Travel

Our client, Ireland Private Travel is a recently launched company operating out of Dublin. While the company itself is new, Paul has been working in the industry for many, many years. His experience with luxury tours means he’s certain of the brand identity of Ireland Private Travel and the way it should appear across the various media channels. We collaborated with Paul to build his very own tourism web design. 

Our Tourism Web Design used images of picturesque locations in Ireland to capture user's attention


While Paul had a general idea of how he wanted the site to communicate this brand identity, he would admit web design and social media aren’t his specialities. That’s never a problem with Lux Web Design. We’re very happy to collaborate with clients of different technical abilities.


The private travel industry is very competitive with many different companies competing for customers. We began by looking at Ireland Private Travel’s competitors and compiling a list of strengths and weaknesses. This concluded styles and content as well as things like menu, headings, images and SEO.

With this competitive benchmark as a guide, we were able to start crafting a first draft of the future site.

We used the drag and drop builder called elementor for this Tourism web design

Tourism Web Design Process

At Lux Web Design, we like to create a rough draft of the site so we can get feedback from the client. Sometimes this involves making prototypes on external software like Figma or Adobe XD. For this project, we built the first draft on the domain as it was unused at the time. No outside parties would be looking at it (in theory anyway). We used the drag and drop builder Elementor

When the first draft was complete we went back to Paul and got his feedback and thoughts. We then use this feedback to tune the finer details of the site and make it perfect for our client. We also installed core elements like contact forms, galleries, analytics and SEO.

The Finished Tourism Web Design

Our client was very happy with the end result. We think it captures the professionalism and high quality of the company. We’re delighted to say we still work closely with Ireland Private Travel to boost the site and keep the SEO going strong.

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