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Case Study - Web Design & Photography in Connemara - Curlew Theatre

Recently, we had the pleasure of completing a fresh new website for the talented folks at Curlew Theatre. Curlew is a company steeped in tradition, so the main goal was to bring that authenticity to the new site. Central to the new design were the portrait pictures you can see across the website. We offer extensive Web Design & Photography services so getting the best images was no trouble at all.

We provided Curlew Theatre with Web Design & Photography services as seen in this picture of one of the actors

What Was Needed - Web Design & Photography

Curlew’s old website was still functioning and a testament to the last designer they worked with, however, eventually the time for a revamp comes for every site. Since the last design, technology has moved on swiftly. We had the chance to bring a lot of new elements not just for style but also for function! Curlew also wanted to capture live elements of their work through new imagery and recording of their performances.

What We did - Web Design

We worked closely with the client to give a complete redevelopment of curlewtheatre.com. After an initial website audit, we went on to compile a list of improvements to be made to the site. Then we began the build using WordPress to map the new site out and show our clients what we were planning to do. Key to this was the separate pages for each of the plays and the inclusion of the audio tracks. Building on the same structure allows for easy navigating between the different performances. 


We then began to add the styling that would help the site stand out. Of course, the photographs were the main component of the revamped style. However, the addition of shape dividers (visual elements that separate sections), a consistent colour scheme and interactive elements help to boost the image of Curlew as a modern theatre group.

Web Design & Photography are key to establising the digital presence of any group


As previously mentioned, the photography shoot for Curlew was a huge part of this project. The proof is in the imagery. By capturing the performance side of the actors, we were able to capture the strengths of the group. The moody, close up pictures really sum up the work they do and the intensity of the performances.

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