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Case Study - Web & Graphic Design - Handsome Burger

We’ve had a great time doing working with Handsome Burger, officially Ireland’s best burger. The journey began in 2017 when best friends Rory McCormack and Cathal O’Connor made their first burgers. They created the original hand-rolled burgers in Rory’s mother’s kitchen.

Fast forward to today and Handsome burger has been voted best burger in Ireland. They now have restaurants in two locations (Galway& Athlone) and multiple pop up concessions through out the country. They also have recently launched the ‘Handsome at Home’.  This kit allows customers to cook amazing burgers in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Web Design Project

Covid-19 hit every business hard. All across Ireland, restaurant owners had to adapt to a new way of selling. Suddenly, the emphasis was on selling online. So to be ahead of the game, Handsome Burger hired us to help design and develop a state-of-the-art website.

With their doors shut this website would have to make it easy for Handsome Burger’s loyal customers to keep getting their favourite meals.

How we did it...

We created a brand-new website from scratch to help push visitors towards the online ordering system. By putting the focus on getting customers through to the purchasing point, we helped create sales for the Handsome lads!

This meant crafting a user experience that was easy and enjoyable. It needed an obvious way to get to the ordering stage. So, using a simple layout and  a hamburger menu (yes that’s what it’s called) we kept the site clean and user friendly.

We also used visuals to make the user experience more enjoyable. With a colour scheme from the company branding and fresh pics we captured the spirit of Handsome Burger. At Lux, we make the personality of the business stand out so you can continue to shine.

Web & Graphic Design example for Handsome Burger

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design work for Handsome Burger goes back over the last two years.

These days it revolves around the social media posts that appear on the lad’s channels, but we started out doing the menus. At this point I have to say a massive thanks to Handome Burger. We’ve learned a lot about what makes restaurants really stand out by working with the lads. We got to try our hand at a range of designs across the board. 

Just this year designed a beer can for their stores! We’re looking forward to working with Handsome Burger again for plenty more exciting projects this year. 

A menu made by a graphic designer in Galway. The restaurant is Handsome Burger
A QR code made with Graphic Design skills
A hamper menu design

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