Web Terminology Part 2- Building a Website

We've covered plenty about building a website so you can build yours on any device

What's involved in building a website?

When it comes to  building a website, there are plenty of terms we come across for the first time. At Lux, we want you to be comfortable with the lingo. We’ve put together a short list to help you get familiar with some of the most common ones.


WYSIWYG is an acronym for “what you see is what you get”. They are a type of website builder that allows you to visually edit your site in an environment that is almost identical to your live website. Make changes and see them in real-time.

Drag and Drop Builders

Drag and drop is the action of moving computer files from one application or location to another using a click and drag motion. In Web Design, drag and drop is typically used to move elements on your web page around. It’s the easiest way to design and see the results at the same time. Our favourite drag and drop builders include Elementor and Avada.


Content management systems help us manage the creation and modification of content. Unlike drag and drops, CMS’s use backend interfaces to push changes to live websites. The most famous example of these is WordPress.

A tool for building a website
Elementor is a popular drag and drop builder and one of our favourites here

Before Building a Website

More Building a Website Lingo

Head & Body

A web page consists of two main sections: theand the. Elements contained within theare not visible to visitors and include elements such as meta tags, links, and tracking pixels. Thecontains all the visible elements of an HTML document including text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and lists.


All websites are stored in files on a Web server connected to the internet. For most users, going with an established hosting service provider means they can save and access their website quickly. For larger businesses, sometimes a web server depicted tp their organisation is the best way to go. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the rankings of a web page (or website) in a search engine such as Google. Check out other SEO related terms.

Tracking users is the best way to see if SEO is working well
Tracking users is the best way to see if SEO is working well
web design for open road logistics

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Building a Website- The Next Steps

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