Website Design in Galway

Case Study - Website Design in Galway - Clearwater Gym

We had a great time working with Clearwater Gym on their new website design. The lads at Clearwater recently started the business as a space for training partners to provide mixed classes for men and women of all ages. They offer classes in different categories such as Exercise classes, Dance classes, Zumba,  One to One training, Recovery sessions and Yoga. 

Starting from Scratch

As it is a new business, Clearwater Gym had no digital presence what so ever. This meant we were starting from scratch when planning the website design. 

This is a belssing and a curse when beginning a project. On one hand, it means a lot of freedom and the chance to flex your creative muscles, but on the other hand, you don’t want to go overboard. 

To keep things on track, we were in constant collaboration with the client about what was needed. We tried to make sure everything on the website served a purpose and wasn’t just there for show!

The Website Design Solution

At Lux, we’re determined to combine functionality and an aesthetic that captures the personality of the business. 


  • A simple layout that is easy to navigate
  • A home page that directs users to key areas of the website
  • A ‘Meet the Trainers’ page where users can view the wide range of trainers and be able to access their individual bios. 
  • List of activites to attract potential customers
  • Contact Details and a Contact Form


As well as doing all the tasks users need, we also needed to make it beautiful. The aesthetics of a website really imrpove the user experience and have potential customers coming back again. 

  • Vivid, active colours to energise the viewer
  • Beautiful pictures to inspire
  • A clean layout with lots of white space to make the site feel spacious and reduce any mental strain
  • Use fo headings to attract the viewer’s attention


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