Small Business Websites- 6 Reasons why you need one

6 reasons you need a small business website

Small Business Websites- The centre to your business identity

If you’re trading as a business, a website is key for so many reasons. It all begins and ends with your website, whether it’s marketing, sales or customer acquisition. Below we go through 6 of the main reasons you need to start thinking about small business  websites 

1- Building credibility

Let’s face it, we expect businesses to be on Google. If people could search for your services, find a website with your contact, valid location, they will be 50% more inclined to become consumers. For businesses, a digital presence ensures trustworthiness. The same with your email address. Having a business email instead of your personal one leaves a professional first impression on the website visitors. A slick website will make you look professional and competitive with other lookalike businesses.

If you want to improve your business website credibility then include some:

Logos of clients: Let clients see the other high-end clients that you work with.

Logos of affiliations: Also include logos of authoritative, trustworthy companies or associations you are affiliated with especially related industry organisations.

SSL certificate and security logos: Add an SSL certificate to your site to add an extra layer of security to your website so customers can safely share personal and financial details.

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content is king for good seo

2-Marketing & Small Business Websites

Your marketing efforts begin and end with your website.

It’s ideal for centralising all your business information and marketing messages, making one great representation of what your business stands for. It’s where potential customers can go to learn about your business. And, it’s where all of your other marketing efforts should drive interested customers such as social media campaigns, purchased ads etc.

Before you print a single business card or spend a penny on advertising, get a website.

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3-Connects with new customers (and keep existing customers)

We all turn to the internet when we have a problem. Google, Bing or whatever else you use, the web is usually our saviour. When you have a website for your small business, you are there when customers search to find a solution to their problem.

Use your small business website to help new customers find you

With so much sway over people finding stuff, it’s a good (necessary) idea to make sure your business is included in Google’s search results.

Without a website for your business, unfortunately, you have very little control over that happening. Use SEO tricks and tips to climb the Google results pages. This means employing keywords, alt text, meta descriptions and backlinks ( all included in our Gold web package).

Use your small business website to keep existing customers engaged, informed, and well served

Don’t forget about your existing, hard-earned customers, either. 

Include client logos on you small business websites

4-Generates new leads through Small Business Websites

Good ol’ Google can provide you with a wave of new customers. With so many SEO tools available on the web, we can create an easily navigational website, with optimized and comprehensive content, a great user experience without necessarily mastering any of the required digital skills. All the above-mentioned factors will ensure that you rank high on Google, hence people will find your business quicker via organic search.

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5-Showcases your product and services SELL them

E-commerce sites are those where you can display your products and have people buy them online with a single click. Products such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console allow you to measure certain metrics about how many people visit your website, take your desired call to action (conversion, for instance). Based on this information, you will be able to constantly improve your rankings, thus ensuring persistent growth of sales.

6- It Expands Your Physical Location

When you operate from a single location, your presence tends to be restricted to where you are. With a website, you might reach people in other countries or on the other side of the world. Some of these people may become customers, investors, or suppliers; and they never would have found you if you didn’t have a website.

Building a website can be a very rewarding experience, let us help you with yours

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